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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Football Sunday Snacks

Are they necessary, and how much can you get away with?  Because that's what we're doing.  For instance, I weigh over the weekend to "see where I am," so that I know how much I can eat till Wednesday - when I weigh in.  It's my way of cheating, I suppose.  It's still not cool, and I shouldn't do it, but I do.  Back to football...

What is the typical fare for football games?  Hotdogs, hamburgers, wings, beer and other alcohol, chips and dip, sweets, and more.  If you are going to eat, then pick two things in small quantities.  Also, bring your own dish, or eat before you go.

If I go to a football party, then I will eat before I go.  I'm less tempted that way.  If we are having football snacks at home, then I try to make them from scratch, so that I know what's in them.  For instance, switching out the sour cream in onion dip for plain Greek yogurt.  No one will know, as the onion takes over the flavor.  Wings?  Make them yourself on a rack in the oven and season as you want.  Don't fry.  There is always a way to make things healthier.

Don't fumble, cross the line for a weigh-in touchdown!

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  1. I agree! we home make our wings and use organic cheese and yogurt for dipping!