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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Do they ever work?  I've had a bad habit of not keeping them.  My number one goal is to lose weight, which is why I didn't start losing till last March.  On purpose.  I got through the "Resolution" time, all the ads for losing weight that they put on during the first of the year, and my own guilt for not starting.  You may say that's a bad strategy.

This is the first time I've lost this much weight (March to now) and kept it off.

I have wavered some days, but I'm losing without a resolution.  Don't worry about missing gym membership specials, just join when they put the specials on for "bathing suit" season, or start with just food in January, if you must start in January.  Why not start now?

Okay, maybe that's asking a lot during holiday season.  But, you can start with small changes.  I did that for two years before starting to lose.

1.  Cut out soda.  Don't do it cold turkey; do it over a week, weaning yourself off the caffeine gently,           cutting out those awful headaches.
2.  Drink water between drinks at a party or just before a meal.
3.  Get a scale.
4.  Decide where you are going to begin: starting exercise and food intake is difficult to do at the same time, and really sabotages your "live it," not "diet."  You will have these habits for a long time.
5.  Plan meals.  It helps.

That's where you can start, and forget about losing until you've done these things.  That's all.  No stressing about weight, just beginning with a few alterations.  It can be done.  

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