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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pounds Are Going!

It's weigh day!  I was 3 more pounds down, for a total of 25 pounds.  It was mostly all diet this week.  Geez, what would I have lost if I had exercised, too?  I need to remember that scale when I don't want to exercise.  Does anyone have a motivator they use to exercise?

I'm sure I have the food down.  I eat mostly all healthy in smaller amounts, and I don't eat if I'm not hungry.  Even if it's mealtime, I will wait till my body tells me to eat.  I also have to eat first thing in the morning, and I never wanted breakfast before.  I think I am re-training my body to want the good stuff.

I passed on chips yesterday, because I didn't want to have the salt in my system for weigh day.  I would usually celebrate by eating the chips...  I know, completely backwards.  I won't today though.  I don't want those three pounds back!  

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes its hard to not eat the bad things--even when you know they are bad! i slipped up and ate a bagel today :/