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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Record high temperatures across the country, and we are all sweating our butts off.  It's easy to get overheated in this weather while doing anything, even just taking a walk - if it's at the wrong time of day...

There are ways to combat the heat and still get in some exercise.  Go in the morning or evening hours.  We have sunshine till late for a reason.

DRINK WATER.  Most people don't realize how crucial it is.  I tend not to drink enough while I'm exercising.  If you are sweating out like crazy, you need to be replacing it as you go.  This may seem elementary, but dehydration is a problem in this country, mostly because of soda consumption.

If you have to go out in the heat of the day to get your exercise in, take an umbrella when you walk, to shield yourself from the sun.

One way to get some water in, if you have a problem is to eat a lot of watermelon.  It's a great source of hydration, if nothing else.

Be careful out there in that heat!

1 comment:

  1. I HATE the florida heat! Then it rains and steam comes off the cement! yuck!