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Friday, June 28, 2013

Vacation and Weight

I've been away this week, and I ate like it: take-out and a bit of junk.  I'll forgive myself; I was on vacation, right?  I should have been more careful, but I did try to eat healthy, and I got my water in.  Had some exercise, but nothing to write home about.

I stopped.  I rested.

Yeah, I got off the world for 5 days: no TV, Internet, or much phone - only texting sometimes.  We listened to a lot of music.  We rented from Red Box, and we caught up on the new and older releases.  I haven't just rested without guilt for a while.  However, I missed my routine, and I was on the Internet only once when I went to the library.

When there's no entertainment that you're used to, well, you go swimming.  We did that, but it seemed the dog had more fun than even we did!  You also demo a bathroom and prep it for tile.  So, I suppose there was a lot more activity than I realize.  At least the weekend isn't over.  I'd love to fit in some basketball.

The thing about vacations is, you really do eat off your plan.  Forgive yourself.  I did.

P.S.  Weigh Day will resume next Wednesday... lol

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  1. Sometimes when you take a break from exercise you miss it! it becomes addicting