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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Non-Exercise Activities for Exercise

What?  Yeah.  That's what I said - non-exercise activities for exercise.  Like playing a basketball game for fun.  Or, swimming, bowling, and other things unrelated to traditional exercise, but you still sweat.  For example, I laid down a hardwood floor yesterday, and I feel like I went to the gym for days and days.  I used every muscle, sweat my booty off, and it took 7 hours!  We only took a couple of small breaks.  I count that as exercise.

I painted the front porch today.  As if yesterday wasn't punishment enough, we took on the terrific, at least when we were done it was terrific, task of painting the front porch from red to cream.  Much better, and it matches the house.  I sweated, used every muscle, and felt like I'd gone to the gym.  I count that as exercise.

The FUN part of the chore, is that you have accomplished something immediate and tangible that you can see.  Weight does not come off every week.  So, at least if you have things to do around the house - do them!  Get off the couch and just do it.

Promise each other a back rub when you're done.  It's the best part. :)

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