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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Pork Rind Incident

I did not buy them.  I did not bring them in the house.  I did, however, eat them in a freaky panic of wanting something now, not something I'd have to cook, and something salty and crunchy.  WHY did I do that?  Temptation.  The worst possible thing I could eat, as well.  I wasn't going to blast this to the world in this blog, but it's the truth.

It's also why I am all swollen and puffy from the salt.  It also real and true.

We all have cravings and in the middle-of-the night munchies.  If they weren't an option, a "red light food," or convenient, I wouldn't have had them to eat.  No more of those will come through the door.  After I munched on those, I did redeem myself.

I put them in the garbage and ate a bowl of blueberries instead of more processed snacks.

I really can't believe I did that.  Tomorrow is weigh day!

1 comment:

  1. good job with the blueberries! you gotta have self control and even a little control late is better than none!