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Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's the Day

Katie and I are back at it today!  Getting her in the pool will be tough, but only because of her pain, as she's in the right mindset to just do it.  She's a trainer, after all.  We're going to have a healthy lunch, and I'll post a few pics here and there of our day together.  That is, if she's not camera shy!  I plan on drinking a ton of water and homemade tea today, as I feel as though I NEVER got enough to drink anymore.  I need my own water bottle - an insulated one that fits in the car!  When I'm teaching, it's imperative.  My mouth gets like cotton after a few classes back-to-back.  I can say that I hope Katie and I get to just "hang out" a bit today as friends.  We realized over the summer that we weren't doing that anymore because we were training instead.  We've been friends for over three years, and I need friend-time too.  After her accident, I'm sure she does as well.  This time 'round, we'll leave plenty of time for friendship and training.  Why?  The friendship and connection we have is what makes me listen to her.  She wants to help me, and I need her - as a trainer and a friend.

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