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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Katie Got Hurt

She will live, and she'll even be training me hard again, but Katie was hurt last week in a cycling accident.  A car pulled out of a shopping area without looking, piggy-backing another car just in front of him, and slammed into Katie on her bike.  She was on her way to the park.  It was a beautiful day in the University of Central Florida area, where she is a pre-med student.  She didn't break any bones, but her back and neck are out of whack, she walks like you're following Igor, "Walk this way...," and she isn't the perky trainer I know and love because of muscle relaxers and pain meds.  She hates it all.  She was biking 5 miles a day, running, and weight training.  She can't do any of that now.  All because someone had to have their pizza on time.  Yup.  That's irony.  She asked for a pool noodle, but mine are broken, with the beads falling out and all..., but she's going to pick one up, and I think I'll trek over there on Friday, my day off, and take a pool dip with her.  Sometimes it's the trainers that need the encouragement.  Good thing she taught me how. :)

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