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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Back on Track...

Hey!  I've been in a whirly twirly blur for a few weeks, getting into my new job and routine.  You know how changing your routine sucks the life right out of you?  You know how going back to work after some time off freaks out your system?  Try a bit longer than the average and you've got me - in a coma.  Exercise?  Ha!  Like I have time for that?  Like I even have the ENERGY?  I do park a bit away from the school, and I take the stairs some of the time.  However, I've been feeling myself slip back into old, bad habits.  Just when I'd about given up, Katie was hit by the car while on her bike.  With mortality slapping me in the face like a bucket of cold water, I have a whole new reason to get healthy - to bring my buddy back.  We've got a play date on Friday. That sounds like a lot more fun than exercise, although there will be a healthy meal involved and we're going to try to get into the pool.  Her pain is pretty bad.  I want my Katie back!  Wah!  We're going to baby-step-it.  Just like she did with me... in the beginning. :)

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