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Friday, September 2, 2011

New Job - New Food Challenges!

With a fantastic new career on course, I've got some food challenges.  Since I've not been paid yet, (teachers - government- ugh), I don't have to worry much now.  The Conspirator packs a lunch for me to take - with snacks!  What in the world is in the lunch bag?  Yesterday, I had cheese and crackers, yogurt, some cold, diced chicken, and peaches.  There's no way I could eat it all, so I ate the cheese and crackers, a few bites of chicken, and the yogurt.  However, with so many drink choices, (no drink included), I chose root beer (not diet).  I haven't had a soda for a good long while, and I can't make it a habit, but it tasted soooo good.  There were waters, juices, and milks, but I chose badly.  I dread the freedom that an actual paycheck will bring.  The college has a great little cafe/diner.  There's loads of healthy choices to be sure, but some fried stuff and desserts as well.  I also wouldn't mind a Frappe on the way home.  I pass right by a McDonald's, and there's not really another route.  I've been in the house for a bit, earning my Master of Arts degree, and I lived on limited funds, so I didn't really have a whole heck of a lot of choices. I simply never went out!  I think the only solution is to buy a great thermos for my yummy iced tea.  With my packed lunch and cold tea, I wouldn't even have to go in the diner.  I'd just eat outside on the patio or in sheltered space.  Besides, I could people watch.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  Oh, and to leave most of my money at home.  Lol!

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