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Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Exercise Heroine

I have a hero.  I know she is a woman, and it is proper for her to be a heroine, but she is more than a girl hero, she's a super-hero!  Who is this amazing person?

My stepmother, Darlene.  She is in her sixties, (I won't tell her exact age for fear of serious retribution!)  She walks and runs most every day, and if she's not doing that, she is gardening, going to the gym, or working out in her home.

She is my inspiration.  She is now training for her umpteenth marathon.  She hasn't done one in a few years, but on the shady side of her decade in years, she is going for it anyway.  She busts some serious butt.  I never walked with someone so fast!

She wasn't always in shape.  She was overweight and smoked - a lot.  She quit smoking some years ago, and she lost her weight.  Now, she's just keeping it under control.  I want to get there, too.  She never is negative about my weight - like so many have been.  She is encouraging beyond belief, and even gave me a beautiful house dress (I love flowing, long skirts and dresses, and haven't worn one in years.), and color for my hair - just because I mentioned I wanted to go red, and that I wanted to be a bit more bohemian in my outfits.  You know, comfortable and funky.

The thing is, she builds me up and makes me feel beautiful in my skin now, not waiting until I lose all the weight, but celebrating who I am, just because.  No negativity, just a lot of praise, occasional pushing, but it is always with love.

Everyone needs a person like that.  She leads by example. :)

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