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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Diet is "Die" with a T

Okay, this is controversial.  I detest diets, food plans, and diet products.  Note: They may work for many people, and I'm not about to say if it works, don't change, but these did not work for me:  6 times for Weight Watchers, 3 Redbook Diets, Atkins twice, Gym plans, the South Beach Diet, Richard Simmons Meal-A-Deal twice, liquid diets, and when I was a teen- diet pills.  NONE worked for me.  They only made me more fat.  However, I know people that are on some of the popular programs, and they are doing well.  Can't take that away from them.

Diets just don't work for me.  I had to have a full-blown food overhaul and intervention.  I intervened, and refilled my fridge, freezer, and cabinets.  Hey, even my purse has healthy snacks.  But, once I let go of my favorite junk food, fried food, and other assorted bad habits, all you are left with are healthy choices.  It truly is a change of lifestyle.  People told me that for years, and I didn't believe them, but it's true.  You can't go back to the way you were eating, as that will put the weight back on.

Don't think short-term.  Think long-term, no matter how little or much you have to lose.  The habits you make in your resolutions or goals should be forever.

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