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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Falling Off The Wagon ...

After two months of lifestyle changes, I fell off the wagon in the past couple of weeks.  Makes me angry at myself.  AND I feel like crap.  I haven't exercised like I should have.  I've eaten too many salty things, and I even had fast food - like a pig out.  In my defense, I've been completely preoccupied lately with a new career path for both me and the fiance guy that lives with me.  He's got things going and so do I.  In essence, I failed the first big test: keep moving even when life is busy.  I didn't.  I did like many of you and just stopped.  I froze in exhaustion, excitement, and a bit of fear for the future.  Where did it get me?  My blood pressure is up, my fingers and toes are plumped like Ball Park Franks because of the diet or lack thereof, and I feel like garbage.  And then what happened?  One of my oldest friends, since we were 13, decided that I inspired her and started walking and jogging in her local park.  She even bought tennis shoes!  She even checked out her park's yoga program and says they have a water aerobics class.  Hmm... she said that she didn't want to do it alone.  Well, I figured, I can't be an inspiration for her and not keep it up myself.  Thanks a lot!  Just think, if I exercise and eat right, I will feel completely different a week from now... and I will have earned the right to inspire.

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